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Maintenance skills of hardware accessories

What are the maintenance skills of hardware accessories? Brand handbags are not only very careful in the selection of leather and other materials, but also very strict in the selection of hardware suppliers. Generally, everyone knows how to maintain their beloved handbags, but the hardware parts in the handbags are also very beautiful. Here is how to maintain the hardware parts of the handbags.

Do you often encounter the following problems: the zipper is embroidered? Hardware parts slightly oxidized, dark and black? Is the hardware part worn? Don’t worry, now teach you to deal with it easily!

Hardware accessories must be kept dry, usually with a clean and soft cloth to wipe ash on it! If there is slight oxidation and blackening, or embroidery marks, you can use the “silver wiping cloth” to wipe it as bright as new. (here I want to remind you that the silver wiping cloth can’t be washed because the special coating is washed off, and the silver wiping cloth won’t work!). If the oxidation is particularly severe, the hardware parts will turn black, just use a clean cotton cloth dipped in copper oil to wipe it. In the process of using or storing the handbag, we must pay attention to avoid rubbing the hardware parts, because once there is a scratch, it is difficult to recover, even after care, it is difficult to recover. If the wear is very serious, we can only replace the hardware parts

How to effectively increase the service life of luggage hardware accessories requires us to pay attention to care in the process of normal use. When oxidation occurs, toothpaste can be used to slightly wipe. The following is how to increase the service life of luggage hardware accessories.

1. Hardware should be wiped with dry cloth frequently to ensure its luster and prevent discoloration.

2. Luggage hardware accessories on the hardware accessories, such as micro oxidation, you can try flour or toothpaste gently wipe (I often use this move, the effect is very good oh).

3. About the box: when opening and closing the lock of the trolley case, do not mix foreign matters in the lock, which will damage the hardware of the trolley case.

4. Ladies who like to collect bags, when collecting bags, don’t forget to wrap the metal parts of bags with plastic film, which can effectively prevent oxidation, rust and other problems.

Post time: Jun-20-2023